Chemo dates :)

Ok friends and family – time to sign up! Especially you out of towners – I’d like to save my Portland crew for help with the 6 weeks of daily radiation following chemo.

#1 May 3 – 5 – mom :), Hallie on the weekend

#2 May 17 – 19 – Lizzy on Thursday; Mariana Friday to get the neulasta shot; Claire, Jan, Uncle Mike, Laura in days following

#3 May 31 – June 2 – Mariana on Thursday; Kim, Jeannie? on Friday

#4 June 14 – 16 – Alicia

#5 June 28 – 30 – Heidi

#6 July 5 – 7 – Mary

#7 July 19 – 21 – Jen

#8 Aug 2 – 4 – help needed – possibly Vicki

Love you guys. And I promise that I will get an air conditioner with one of the latest generous donations (thank you so much, you know who you are :)), so that hanging out in my Portland apt. after May will be much more comfortable.

The chemo date job description:

  • Take me to and from chemo, hang out with me for those 4 hours; best case scenario, make me laugh or do crossword puzzles or some such, worst case might involve a bit of medical advocacy;
  • Stay the night, and help me take anti-nausea pills on time, etc.
  • Take me back the next day for a neulasta shot; it might be ok to go home late that day or early the next – but that first night it’s pretty crucial to have someone there to help me take pills etc. in the middle of the night and call my docs if things aren’t going well. Not fun I know, but hey, we can nap all day the next day.
  • Make sure I eat at least a little and drink tons of liquids.

And, I’ll be immune suppressed, so be really wary of getting colds etc. in the week – 10 days before you come visit. Oh joy.

I have wifi, so bring your laptop and any work you need to get done, I’ll be napping or getting my own stuff done. Lots of shops nearby, and Portland’s a very sweet place to visit.


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