Wig news & gift update

Ok, I think I used a whole week’s worth of whining yesterday – on to better news:

1) More gifts arrived yesterday! A joke book from my friend Mary, and a breast milagro from my mom’s friend Judy. And a few days back, a funny book and two beautiful silk scarves from my mom’s friend Ami. I’m lucky my mom has such good friends. Now I just need to learn how to tie scarves.

2) Went and met with the American Cancer Society’s wig fitter yesterday, and it turns out the 3 wigs that my cousin gave me (donated by a friend of hers) are wonderful. Well-colored, pretty darn close to the way I have my hair colored even. One of the wigs has long, long hair, and with a headband and the hair drawn back away from my face, I still look like me! I was pretty darn pleased. And yes, one of these days I even promise pictures.


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One response to “Wig news & gift update

  1. Amy

    just got you on my mind tonight. 🙂
    and knowing that you’ll kick cancer’s a$$.
    Love ya!

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