Port placed 3 days ago

Many thanks to my SIL’s best friend, Simone, for going with me to the hospital Thursday to get this darned port placed. (I feel like I have a plug in me but that’s ok, it’s just an odd feeling. The port will allow blood to be drawn and chemo injected without poking up my arm.) And to Hallie for hanging out with me there that evening, and to my Uncle for picking me up the next day. It all worked out well, and now I have two weeks for the port to heal before chemo.

I can’t imagine having gone from port surgery to chemo the next day (per the surgeon’s original plan), as I was so sore and in so much pain from the surgery that that just sounds like pure torture to me. I wouldn’t even have had a chance to recover from the general anesthetic – and how exactly does healing work anyways when chemo is killing off the fast-growing cells? Doesn’t healing take place through those cells?

Moving slow today, my Aunt Nancy is here taking care of me, but we’ve managed to make several meals, go for walks and keep up on the dishes, so life is good. I woke up achy and with a small fever but it seems to have broken with ibuprofen, so that’s great. (Don’t worry, I did call the doc he said actually to get out and breathe more, that fevers sometimes come up post general anesthetic if one doesn’t breathe deeply enough.) I felt so bad this morning though that I had to take it an hour at a time – you know how it is when you have a really bad day, and at some point you just say to yourself – thank goodness, tomorrow is a new day. A new slate, I’ll just start over. Well, I’ve done that with every hour of this day, just being in the moment and things have gotten better. A two-hour nap helped loads too. 🙂

On the agenda for this week and the next: a wig fitting, mind/body support group, physical therapy, meeting with my new primary care provider, an acupuncture appt for mastectomy scar pain, a 2nd opinion oncology appt, a gynecological oncology appt (just to be on the safe side), a bone density scan, and the pre-chemo shopping for biotene and the like. Still trying to figure out a nutritional plan for chemo that will protect my gut lining (mouth sores in chemo are really part of a whole GI tract set of problems brought on by killing off the fast-growing cells in the gut lining, as I understand it.) Still need to see a dentist, and get in with a pain mgmt doc. A list a mile long, but it’s finite, so it will all get done. Plus I plan to work as much as possible, as it’s such welcome distraction and I’ve been enjoying it SO much. It’s just a joy to do something normal.

Anyways, that’s the scoop – so far, so good, as surreal as it all may be.



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2 responses to “Port placed 3 days ago

  1. Mary McLaughlin

    Hi Amanda,
    I think it’s so unreal that you have a port…I mean that you are experiencing what liver babies do after transplant, something we’ve only read about. I’m sure the whole experience is VERY real to you. 🙂

    It sounds like you have a full time job just getting to appointments and such and trying to be prepared for the chemo and it’s after effects.

    I think of you every day and wish I were there to give you support.


  2. mariana

    a “port” sounds like it should at least be able to beam you up or something… 🙂

    be there soon… through more primitive means…

    love you!


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