The Tubes ‘n Stitches Are Out!

Woohoo! What a big day. And boy am I a much happier camper. The stitches were pulling and driving me crazy, and the drain tubes in my chest hurt. And major kudos go to my friend Lizzy for witnessing the whole sordid chest and stitch baring. She is braver than I, though I am beginning to come to terms with the incision where there used to be my cute breast. My cute boob is no more. All gone. Bye bye cuteness. 😦 But also sayonara oh icky tumor, and hello life!! That part makes me VERY happy indeed.

Anyhoo, bossy britches that she is (her words 🙂 ), Lizzy suggested that if I wasn’t so darn scared of the pain it wouldn’t hurt so much. So, yes, I’m going to work on that.


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One response to “The Tubes ‘n Stitches Are Out!

  1. Congrats on the stitches/tube removal! One step closer to “normal”! Of course, what IS normal?

    Glad you’re doing well post-op. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

    Anthony’s mom

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