How it all started: March 13

This is what I posted to my friends:

holy crap, this news sucks…read sitting down

of course you’re sitting down if you’re at the computer, right ok, having a strange sense of humor at the moment….but this was one heck of a bad day.

at 3 pm this afternoon the radiologist called for her “brief” report.

Which was the bad news that I didn”t want to hear:

the big C…..not cholangitis (I wish) but cancer, breast cancer.


She refused to read the pathology report over the phone to me, set up an appt with the surgeon for Friday, and told me I could get the path report then ; talked to Anne, we both agreed path report was the top priority.

So, and you all will be proud of me, by 9:30 pm I had the path report IN HAND. Woohoo!!

And then so not woohoo….

Invasive (bad).
Estrogen + (good).
Progesterone + (good).
Her2/neu “equivocal”, whatever that means…
Sigh again….. My cousin the pathologist says that with invasive the path is mastectomy and chemo but that that can be “a bump in the road of life.” Ok, right-o. Feeling slightly morbid at the moment, sorry.



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2 responses to “How it all started: March 13

  1. Amanda, I have been away from LF for so long, I had no idea! I am so sorry (about your boob 😦 ). Prayers for you and your family. I will continue to check your blog for updates. Now it’s our time to be strong for you, to make up for all the times you were so strong for us at LF!

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