A pretty wimpy looking tumor

Hi dear friends and family. Thank you so much to everyone for all the cards, e-cards, phone calls and even the gifts. Wow. They really do lift the spirits. I LOVE the cards and they are up on the vitamin/medicine cupboard.

I just had to share this note from my cousin the pathologist. It said,

“Frankly, you have a pretty wimpy-looking tumor. You can kick this tumor’s ass.”

I think that I’m going to frame that note. Lol! Here I’ve been so worried about this blankety-blank tumor and she goes and calls it “wimpy.” Well alrighty then. This is doubly funny and meaningful to me because 1) she’s actually seen the biopsy of the tumor, so she truly does know what it looks like and 2) she just doesn’t seem like the type to swear, she’s an ultra-respectable Texan doctor and my jaw dropped when I read her note. Anyways, what a rock-star of a relative.

The other quote of the day that jumped out at me: “I’m so sorry for your boob.” What a human and warm thing to say, and people have said things like it, but nothing so specific and on the mark that I actually heard like that.

As for my fashion quandry, you’d think I’d be worried about my health, but no, my biggest worry at the moment is “What the heck am I going to wear?” I can’t raise my arm over my head for 6 weeks, which means my cute pull-over tops are out of the picture. So, if you have any friends who wear 1X (size 18) tops that have zippers or buttons up the front that they want to loan out for 6 weeks, I need them! You’d think with everything going on that style would be the last thing on my mind, and I can handle stuffing for a boob, but having to give up my favorite tops? It’s making me crazy. I don’t mind the surgery that saves my life, but darn it to mergatroid, I want to look cute!! Aargh. My dad did give me his black flannel vest which covers said stuffing and it’s new and pretty darn cute, and all my pants and skirts still fit, but tops are sadly lacking.

Now, luckily my docs did pay for 4 camisoles, so I have cute white cami straps that will show under shirts, so I think the layered look is where it’s at. I did write my young survivors breast cancer group and ask for fashion help, but no response so far.

Also, on the off-chance that you do have friends with extra tops in their closets – remember that I’m short – 5’5″ – long legs, short torso, and 1X tops for tall women will drown me, they go down to my knees, and the same for sleeves – 3/4 sleeves are about the longest length that work.

Really, I’m just happy to be alive, ignore my whining .

Card that I received


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