My Breast Cancer Cell Phone Minutes Fund :)

In addition to the gorgeous bouquets of roses, gerber daisies and daffodils, some folks have asked if they can send donations to cover unexpected expenses like the 2052 cell phone minutes I’ve used since first being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, all the extra copays, deductibles etc. I used up my personal/sick leave in the past two weeks and, like many other do-gooders in the nonprofit industry, I have no disability benefits. As I’m facing 4 months of chemo, which I’m told is harder than surgery, donations would be most welcome. We’d like to keep me in house and home and fed.

My sister-in-law is handling all gifts. Many, many thanks for your thoughtfulness, may good luck follow you all of your days.



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2 responses to “My Breast Cancer Cell Phone Minutes Fund :)

  1. Not sure if it’s ok to comment on my own post, but many many thanks to Karlito Bonnevie for the money for “cell phone & sh&t” – that note cracked me up; and to my Aunt Nancy and Anne’s mom for $ for 2nd opinions, which gave me great reassurance that I was doing the right thing; to my parents, my uncle and my cousin Laura for stocking my fridge and all my cupboards; to Kristin for the most recent edition of the classic Susan Loves’ Breast Book; to Sam (aka “fairenuff”) in England for sending what feels like a book a day overseas via Royal Mail (makes me feel like royalty myself :)); to Jen Phillips for sending two dozen organic white/light pink roses – boy did that make my day!; to Sheryl and Justice for the flowers and balloon in the hospital, as Justice’s 5-year old logic that everyone who has to be in the hospital should get a balloon is right on the mark; and to my brother and sister-in-law, for the many many hours of babysitting, gas, food and cell phone minutes they’ve paid for and donated; to my friend Lizzy who has nourished home and hearth with chicken soup, salmon, and help cleaning; to Dorothy, my dearest forum admin team member, for sending me a bouquet of yellow flowers with the topping of a lemon, so that I can make lemonade; to Simone for her healing Reiki; to David for making dinner and helping me clean; to Judy Hopkins for the donation of her cancer hats, and to my cousin Laura’s client for her super cute wigs; and last but not least, to my rocking board member Minda Hedges who made a donation in my name to the nonprofit that I work for. Oh, and wait there’s more – thank you for all the many beautiful and wonderful cards, and emails from friends new and old. I feel buoyed and blessed by it all – if this isn’t what healing is about, then I don’t know what is. Oh, and for the heartfelt prayers of many friends and family around the world, including my Aunt Nancy and her circle of friends, and for the personal prayers from the Bishop of Maine. I salute you all.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that you have all this support and love during this hard time for you. It sounds as if you’ve had some great folks helping you and it warms my heart to hear this.

    Thanks for sharing this here with us.

    Best wishes in your recovery, peace,


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